Assessment and Reporting

Assessment at Hall Mead aims to support each pupil in achieving their full learning potential and fosters the development of self esteem and personal responsibility. It takes place in a reflective context and encourages the involvement of staff, pupils and parents.

Assessment is a process as opposed to an end in itself. It is part of a cycle that enables pupils to review and improve learning whilst allowing teachers to identify what pupils know, set targets for each individual’s next steps and plan appropriately differentiated lessons/activities. It is an integral part of the teaching and learning that takes place and is an essential component of effective classroom practice.

When a pupil joins Hall Mead we use a range of indicators to estimate what they could be capable of achieving during their five years with us. We then use this estimate, along with carefully planned assessments, to measure how well they are progressing and identify the next steps in their learning.

Parents recieve an electronic reports via the EduLink App. These provide an overview of the progress being made in each subject at regular intervals during the academic year. In addition parents are invited to attend a Parent Teacher Consultation evening where they can speak to teachers to find out what their child can do to further improve. The relevant policy and guidance material is available here.