GCSE Grading 2021

GCSE Assessment Schedule

The assessment schedule for this year can be found here

GCSE Assessment Evidence

The evidence that our teachers will be using to set the correct grade for each students is details in the GCSE Teacher Assessed Grade Evidence document which can be viewed by clicking here

Candidate Confirmation and Authentication

As part of the grading process, students must sign and return the Candidate Confirmation and Authentication Record. A copy of this document can be viewed here

Policy for Determining Centre Assessed Grades

The policy that we have written and submitted to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) can be viewed here. This policy has been approved by the JCQ.

GCSE Appeals

Our guide and policy for anyone wishing to appeal a GCSE grade can de found here.


As an examination centre we must ensure that all exam regulations and guidance is followed by pupils taking GCSEs at Hall Mead School. Specifically there is guidance on the following:


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