Year 11

Year 11 marks the end of the five-year journey for pupils at Hall Mead School. The main focus is to ensure that pupils are ‘GCSE ready’ and that they are prepared for life beyond Hall Mead. With this tailored approach we believe that our students can achieve the very best GCSE results.

It is a very exciting and demanding year and our support for pupils is there. Whether they need that extra push, help with revision and exam preparation or support with their wellbeing, we aim to meet the needs for every member of our ‘Family for Life’.

Throughout the year, we will be updating this website to bring you the latest information regarding GCSE interventions, examinations and revision support so that you, as parents, can assist with your child’s preparation for the summer exams. Just to further inform you, your child is part of our Year 11 Microsoft ‘Teams’ group for Year 11, much of this information is also posted on this platform.

Timetables, Regulations and Guidance

To see the most recent timetable and access the regulations and guidance for public examinations visit the Exams Information for Students page.

Curriculum Support Evening

Revision Links

General Revision Advice

Form Time Revision Sessions

Support Services