Discipline with Dignity

The Academy needs to have a series of core values that are commonly shared and enable staff to use their discretion reflecting their skills, personality and qualities, but within a framework of consistency.

These values are underpinned by our school behaviour model which is built upon the principles of ‘Discipline with Dignity’.

Guiding Principles – Discipline with Dignity:

  • Value 1 – There is no quick fix to establishing outstanding behaviour. Effective discipline is about teaching children about taking responsibility.
  • Value 2 – Stop doing things that are ineffective.
  • Value 3 – Do not treat every student the same. Be fair and consistent, but take into account individual student’s track record.
  • Value 4 – Rules must make sense.
  • Value 5 – Model what you expect.
  • Value 6 – We should give the opportunity for students to take responsibility.
  • Value 7 – Confront misbehaviour with dignity and authority.
  • Value 8 – Be persistent when setting sanctions.
  • Value 9 – Be willing to discuss issues surrounding misbehaviour.
  • Value 10 – Try to get the decisions about student discipline and behaviour correct.